Calculations of excavations and embankments

They are made on the basis of two topographic photographs of the site – before the start and after the completion of the excavation works. In case there is a need for intermediate monitoring of the excavation works, through geodetic surveying and data processing we can provide you with results for each stage of your work.

High-precision laser scanning

Laser scanning is the non-contact capture of objects and their imaging with a dot cloud. It is used as a basis for making orthophotos, creating 3D graphic models or interactive representations of objects.

Tracing of property boundaries and buildings

Postponement of the boundaries of your land property or the contour of a newly designed building.

Creating and maintaining cadastral maps

When you find that your property does not have the correct boundaries in the cadastral map, we can make a project to change the cadastral map in accordance with your ownership documents.

Elaboration of Detailed Development Plans (PZ, PR, PPP)

The detailed development plans can be: regulation and construction plan – PPP, regulation plan – PR, construction plan – PD.

Development of projects for vertical planning

With the project of vertical planning and level projects establish the necessary change of the relief by defining the height position of the new construction, defining the vertical position of the streets and intersections, as well as the economical and efficient execution of earthworks.

Study of deformations

Horizontal deformations – are determined by periodic precise measurements of control marks depending on the task and the project. Vertical deformations – are determined by periodically performing precise geometric leveling between the benchmarks depending on the project.

Drone photography
and mapping

Aerial photography and mapping and photogrammetry.

Digitization of map materials

If you have a plan or map on paper, we will create the information digitally and provide it in vector form in the format specified by you.

Creating 3D models

Market valuations of real rights for disposition transactions with real estate and movable property are a consulting service and are of a recommendatory nature. They determine the fair market value of the property, ie the value at which there would be an equivalent exchange of property for money.

Faro 3D laser scanner

Effectively study and track the progress of construction work. Measure the volume and create 3D or digital models of the surface.